how to create wearables for decentraland

First Singaporean Decentraland wearables designer Keching

Welcome to Keching’s collection of Decentraland wearables! Keching is Singapore’s first designer to be actively involved in designing digital apparel on the Decentraland metaverse platform.

NFTs backed by physical goods

Before delving into my catalogue, all who purchase my digital wearables are entitled to discounts on my physical products, and vice versa. Think of it as NFTs backed by physical goods.

Feel free to browse my businesses at the end of the page for your discounts, as the focus for now will be my Decentraland fashion catalogue.

Inaugural collection

This is one of the defining moments in my career. After a dozen years designing and making physical goods in Singapore, as well as two factories later, I am transcending into digital fashion, creating wearables for Decentraland and all future metaverses.

My inaugural Suave Chic collection can be found here:

how to create decentraland wearables

Every single customer, and I mean every single one who has ever bought physical luxury products from me spanning my last twelve years in service can request to have any 3 digital wearables minted free of charge for them.

Second collection “Timeless Seersucker”

(Updated 10th March 2022)

Please view my Timeless Seersucker collection here:

how to create decentraland wearables

My wearables rigged to a moving avatar (video to follow).

how to create wearables for decentralandhow to create wearables for decentraland

Purchase with Fiat

For clients interested in purchasing my Decentraland fashion wearables with Fiat instead of Mana, feel free to contact me directly at +65 96637673. I run legitimate brick and mortar businesses (see below), do look my businesses up in search engines. I WILL transfer your wearable asset to you once payment is made in Fiat.

Mix and match

My current two collections yield 8 permutations of sophisticated styles. Some examples:

how to create decentraland wearables

Furthermore, my wearable items are standalone items that can be worn with default free wearables, and your avatar will look just as great!


Reaching out to all inspiring designers, businesses and corporations. Feel free to contact for collaboration at +65 96637673.

My real world businesses

Discounts available with purchase of my fashion wearables as mentioned above!

Kechingaling: Jewellery and luxury leather products

AQUILA: men’s fashion apparel

Phua Home Interior: interior design and renovation

Broadway Leather Company

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