mens gemstone rings singapore

Keching’s Mens Gemstone Rings

Hi, if you don’t already know me (Keching), I have a portfolio of jewellery and premium leather gifts:

Men’s Gemstone Rings

This page deals specifically with my obsession with men’s bling, and if you’re like me, please feel free to reach me at +65 96637673 for a private viewing of the collection my partner and I have.

mens gemstone rings singapore

Update (2nd July 2022)

I am opening in Raffles Place for my Aquila belts tailoring service. May move my gems there.

We can customise for you too such as for weddings. However, personally, these jewellery can and ought to be an everyday thing. Gemstones and gold & silver are not solely the domain of ladies’. For example:

mens gemstone rings singapore
Yellow gold ring with tourmaline and diamonds

Case in point, Celtic, Goth, Skull & biker rings, often huge and obvious, worn by men are a reminder that men and pomp go hand in hand. For example, my own wedding ring:

mens gemstone rings singapore
My wedding ring in the shape of a belt with a Ruby gemstone set in it

Rings like mine are not unusual, so why not take it to the next level of elegance, to include gemstones and gold?

Some of my favourites

mens gemstone rings singapore
Yellow gold ring with dual onyx strip and diamond
mens gemstone rings singapore
White gold ring with star sapphire
mens gemstone rings singapore
White gold ring with black onyx and diamonds
mens gemstone rings singapore
Rolex style band yellow & white ring with diamonds

Keching me

keching mens jewellery singapore

I know, I know. Among the criticisms from friends, some meant to be flattering, some meant to poke fun at their best buddy me and some outright with disapproval, I look mafia-ish.

However, truth be told, I have to come to terms with how I really do look. I mean this is a better look with my rings than my goofy laughing face. Not everyone is a Korean star right? Keke.

But I digress. The following are a bit more, including but not limited to, of my creations and respective looks with respect to outward appearance, please enjoy:

Contact me

For private viewing of my jewellery, rings, gold and such, or for consultation on premium personal effects and gifts, please reach me directly at +65 96637673.

Or please DM me at my IG @kechingaling.

My IG @kechingaling

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