Diversifying world view

Includes doing what is traditionally female roles like house cleaning, raising kids. Traditionally female activities like dancing. I do blue collar jobs I watch Indian movies I learnt thai Listen to the old, talk to the equals and play with the young.


Heat rash

Page 1 Page 2 The pain inflicted by heat rash is exacerbated by the salt in your perspiration. Excessive perspiration exiting the sweat pores, be they clogged or unclogged ones, is like a flood of water being channelled away by a pipe. When the pipe ruptures, the perspiration overflows beneath the skin. The wound as […]


A reminder

My parents and my brother are at the hospital now. My brother apparently fell down yesterday, while in camp, and hurt his head. He felt faint half an hour ago and felt a little numbness in his upper body. I’m worried. Certain experiences will mould the lenses through which you see the world and what […]