The correct product range and spirit of business for given brand name

I manage multiple brands, all of which market and sell their respective range of leather goods and services. Generally, entrepreneurs recognise the need to inject a certain business spirit into their painstakingly chosen and designed brand. However, most if not all have not considered that a certain brand name has its inherent spirit inseparable from […]


Darling literally chuckled out loud when sleeping in my arms just now. It was the not-so-first-but-still-first audible laughter.

It made wifey and myself so happy : D

As I told Wifey earlier in the night, I feel like I made no personal sacrifices having this darling baby.

It was as though I have had her in my life since forever.

I kept my mum-in-law from wrestling my darling from me not once, not twice, but thrice, while I was trying to put her to sleep in my arms.

She has done that for close to two months now, ever since my girl is born. This, I feel, is a prelude to a certain type of dependency on a single caretaker whose style is potentially one of over-pampering. The millenial problem isn't a millenial generation thing. The parents and grandparents are complicit.

Will hold my ground from now on, which in our Asian culture might be perceived as disrespectful. But it must be done vis. the respect I have for my MIL for her tireless dedication to looking after our lovely baby.

Creativity vs rote learning in music

My friend Nikhil who hosts his own Nikhil Hogan Show, and who is the founder of the Songbird Music Academy, made points about the music education industry in his interviews and videos that I had suspected when I studied music in secondary school. Back then, I was neither enlightened nor did I have the awareness […]


Wifey and I brought our darling to a friend's house. As soon as she was laid down on the rocker with an overhanging thingie with suspended swinging toys, her eyes were trained on them and she swung her arms at them.

We hadn't noticed this skill development because it never occurred to us to attach our own overhanging thingie onto our girl's rocker.

We will only learn more when we learn from others. It follows that we probably should send our girl to childcare the soonest she is of age.

This morning, our darling laughed so heartily when she saw the ceiling fan spinning.

It was the first such occurrence but was then repeated a few times throughout the day.

Such innocence, such joy.

Crazy dream about dear

Went berserk over girl whom I had bumped into overseas. She was hospitalised. Became acquainted with her friends. Once is a techie. For some reason I had a second phone which I thought was hers. Her red SIM card ran out of funds and her techie friend changed to the green SIM card. Went to […]


A most magincal thing just happened. Darling was bawling for the past 10 mins. Deciding to check her diapers, ah mah lay her down in her bed while I clapped my hands and drew them apart in a manner of curiosity and asked, "What's wrong darling?"

In that instant, she stopped crying immediately and smiled with an open smile : D

Waving my hands at her in excitement, her smile persisted in clear acknowledgement of my movements. I believe tonight is the night she is right on the cusp of being able to interact emotionally with us.