Sudden recollection: failed first slam dunk

My friend had lowered his basketball ring to the lowest level and despite it, the height was sufficient for me the shortie of the clique to execute a slam dunk. I went at it and it bounced right off the back of the ring that was in contact with the board. Those were the days.


Supernormal profits, & by extension business riches, are only short term unless…

Only supernormal profits can afford the entrepreneur’s dream of riches and its accompanying dreamt up travel and consumerist lifestyle. For the aspiring entrepreneur who still holds a day job, the equivalent of supernormal remuneration in the office is a pay package higher than the average of your peers for a given jobscope. It follows that […]


The right to industry vs unnecessary risk taking: On land cost impeding entrepreneurship

Unless one’s business is fully digital and can work from home, the small business owner requires space for operation. “Entrepreneurship” has taken on a badge of honour, and that persons who eventually succeed have surmounted an incredible amount of risk. Among those risks is the exorbitant land cost, i.e. rent or mortgage, that one needs […]